The Idea

At Independend we believe that the products we deliver are the best in class on the market.

We were frustrated with the quallity and pricing for users of small CNC machines and therefore we started to work on our own.

Our machines operate with very high precision and high speeds, for modern tooling and HPC applications.

But, please, have a look for yourself.

The Product Portfolio

Milling machines

We offer a range of high-precision milling machines ranging from desktop size to VMC size with power from 0.8kW up to 20kW and machining volumes from 6L to 250L. All motor spindles are Made in Germany.

Picture: Our smallest machine frame with vise and spindle.

CAM Software

Our in-house CAM-Software built leveraging the power of free software components is supplied with all our machines for free. With it, you can use all of the features of our 3 and 4 axis machine tools without even leaving the machine controller.

Machine controllers

Following our design and manufacturing philosophies we build all our machine controllers ourselves in-house running on our own real-time operating system. This gives you 100% performance, reliability and flexibility at a small fraction of the cost of competing solutions.


Although not our main focus, from time to time we pick up the jog handle to stay in touch with the industry and when fast turnaround times are required.

This way we can rely on real-world data not only from the feedback of our customers but also from hands-on experience over time. 

Industrial automation

Our machine controllers can fit any industrial automation needs from milling machines, lathes, grinders to robots and assembly machines thanks to the flexible unified controller architecture. With long-standing open industry standards you will be set up in no time.


We are committed to long-term support. This means access to replacement parts that we make for at least 10 years after the machine model ceased production. All our machines come with schematics and full printed manuals so that you can fix problems the fastest way possible: in-house.


We also offer the very accessories that we once made for ourselves for sale to promote our enjoyment for everything mechanical. This includes things like knives, business cards, clothing, et cetera.

News for you about CNC machines from Independend

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