Reverse Engineering

We know that in-place tested processes are very valuable. Got an irreplacable machine from 40 years ago with obsolete electronics? No replacement parts available? No problem!

We reverse engineer mechanical parts, printed circuit boards, software, firmware, integrated circuits and reproduce or remanufacture them in house. Oftentimes, repairing is faster and far more economical than reproducing. We will let you know which option is more economical in both time and resources.

That said, we focus on industrial and military hardware.

Current lead times

  • 2 layer PCBs: 4 weeks
  • 4 layer PCBs: 8 weeks
  • More than 4 layers: on request
  • Mechanical parts: 4 weeks
  • as of Jan 2024

We permanently stock a number of new parts for the following machines:

Deckel FP2 / FP3 / FP4 / FP5 with Dialog 4 / Contour 3 

  • NPP90 / NPP91 (Firmware v344.04, v344.06)
  • NEA90
  • NSV90
  • NE90
  • NZP59 / NZP60
  • Pricing 300-400 EUR