Motor controllers

Independend develops and produces motor controllers for three-phase synchronous permanent magnet as well as induction motors. Our motor controllers can be used for both simple velocity control and highly accurate positioning for motion control.

Our motor controllers support various position feedback mechanisms via a plugin module system including:


  • Absolute and incremental single- and multi-turn optical encoders
  • Single and multi-pole resolvers
  • True Sensorless (SPM only)


As a unique feature, we support electric motors from a variety of manufacturers – not just one – such as Siemens, Hiwin, Baumüller, Lenze, Kuka et cetera. If you find your installed motor not compatible with our controller, we will design and manufacture an enabling plugin for a nominal fee.

Our motor controllers only need a few absolute maximum ratings such as RPM and current for configuration. All other parameters of the motor are characterized fully automatically in a few milliseconds and constantly adjusted without any tuning or operator input.

For special purposes such as high speed spindles with short cycle times, advanced features like winding braking or  recuperation are an option with up to 78% of energy saved.

All of our motor controllers can be used standalone running a control loop or as a dumb output stage orchestrated by a motion controller. Except the smallest size, all devices run on 100-500 VAC and on single or three phase. When running on single phase, power is clearly limited by the capabilities of the supply line. Output power from 1kW up to 20kW. The standard field bus interface is RS485 with other interfaces as an option. Selectable analog input controls are provided as standard. 

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