Frequently asked questions

Machine power on sequence

  • Turn on air compressor if applicable
  • Turn main power switch to on position.
  • The red power light will illuminate.
  • The machine controller will start and automatically open
  • Press F1 to reset the E-Stop
  • Press F2 to turn on the power electronics (spindle VFD, servos)
  • Proceed normally

Machine power off sequence

  • Make sure the controller software is not running
  • If the controller software is running, quit the controller with Alt+Shift+Q or press F1 to engange to E-Stop
  • Turn the main power switch 
  • The red indicator light will extinguish

Machine controller keyboard shortcuts

  • Alt+D   Open program launcher
  • Alt+W   Arrange windows in tabs
  • Alt+E   Arrange windows side-by-side
  • Alt+J   Select next window left
  • Alt+Ö / Alt+;   Select next window right (QWERTZ/QWERTY)
  • Alt+L   Select next window below
  • Alt+K   Select next window above
  • Alt+n with n=1,…,9   Change to screen n
  • Alt+C   Open machine Controller
  • F1   Reset E-stop
  • F2   Turn machine power on
  • F3   MPG / Manual control mode
  • F5   MDI mode (Machine direct interface = Send individual Gcodes)
  • O   Open program file
  • Ctr+R   Reload current program file
  • R   Run program
  • Esc   Abort (exit) program
  • P   Pause program
  • 1,2,3,…,8,9,0   Feed override from 10% to 100%
  • Left / Right arrow key   Move X+ / X-
  • Up / Down arrow key   Move Y+ / Y-
  • PgUp / PgDown   Move Z up / down

Should I power off the machine at night?

No, probably not. This way your machine will always be in a known state. Coordinate offsets and other variables are constantly saved but if you cut power at the wrong time. If you leave the machine, engange the E-stop by pressing the red button on the MPG, the machine or by pressing F1. This will immediately cut power to the machine’s power electronics and only the machine controller will continue to use power, usually less than 8W. Turn off the screen when you leave.

If you only use your machine sporadically, you should of course turn it off when you leave.